For Groomsmen

Hey Fellows: 

By now you have received your invites in the mail. The little Panamanian rum bottles were my way of saying, “Get ready to toast with me in Panama, and definitely get ready to see more Ron Abuelo!”

*This page will be your guide for all groomsmen related events, as well as groomsmen attire information.* What is the role of a Groomsmen?

March 31, 2011

Hi guys! Listen up, I know you dudes are all about:” just tell me the time, the date, and what to wear, and I’ll be there”, but I do need your help with a couple things. Please forward me your shirt size, pant, and shoe size, for future purposes. Alex and I are on the hunt for Tuxedo alternatives, since we aren’t really digging the Penguin route. Please place the information on this thread so I don’t lose it. Also I know some of you might be working out etc etc, and your sizes might change before the big day, so will work this out at a later date. Below is Groomsmen Inspiration.

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