The Ceremony will take place at La Iglesia de la Merced, in the old part of town known as “El Casco Viejo”. La Iglesia de la Merced is home to the Virgen “La Caridad del Cobre”, patron saint of Cuba. Directions to the church and the event schedule will be posted shortly.

La Iglesia de la Merced, Casco Viejo

Photograph of Iglesia de la Merced located at Casco Viejo, Panama City, Panama. (Credit: Omar Upegui R./Michael Moore)

Built in 1600s, this Spanish Colonial Church once stood in Panama Viejo (the city’s first permanent settlement). The church was later removed and reset stone by stone at its current location in El Casco Viejo. La Iglesia de la Merced is considered by many to be one of the  luckiest structures of all times. Not only did it withstand relocation, it also witnessed many earthquakes, fires, and pirate sackings, like the ones caused by famous privateer Sir Henry Morgan.

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