We are just a normal couple, who by the randomness of Destiny, were brought together in a little college town called Springfield, Missouri. We currently reside in Kansas City, where we hold regular jobs and partake in regular excursions, like trips to the wonderful land of Walmart. Yes, we are that exciting. Alejandro is a Software Engineer, and Lannette is an Exhibit Designer. We are finally getting married after 6 years of courtship, because…well let’s be honest, we cannot live without each other, and who doesn’t like to party, right? We have chosen Lannette’s birthplace of Panama for the big event, because it’s midpoint between our two countries and families, not to mention a beautiful place to visit.

When not planning the Wedding, Lannette moonlights as a photographer and enjoys any Design Challenge, while Alejandro schemes up ways of becoming the next .COM, self-made millionaire, all while he develops the most intricate Excel spreadsheets a person could ever encounter. Besides our independent hobbies, together we enjoy being amateur food connoisseurs, and making a mess in the kitchen.

In conclusion, we are a pretty quirky couple, as many of you already know. Our only wish is to continue amusing our family and friends with further years of ridiculous anecdotes, and crazy life experiences. We hope to see you at the wedding, and remember: don’t forget to bring your Carnival Party Goggles.

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Carol Charles April 12, 2014 at 9:05 pm

I am truly impressed by the detail and ease in navigating your website. My fiancee and I reside in Toronto, Canada and are planning to wed next Jan 2015 at the Royal Decameron in Panama. I am originally from Trinidad and Tobago and my fiancee is Scottish. We decided to choose Panama as a location where many of our friends and families have yet to visit. Thank you for sharing your website. We are in the early planning stages and have found your website a useful guide.


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