Carnival Weekend

Our wedding is happening during Carnival weekend and that was no coincidence. We planned it this way, so our out of town guest’s would have another reason to celebrate and have fun while in Panama. And boy are you in for a treat, Carnival in Panama is the biggest Party of the year. It begins on Friday and doesn’t end till Wednesday Morning. Here is a typical carnival schedule with the pertaining daily theme:

Every carnival day has a theme: Friday is the Opening, Saturday is International Day (our wedding), Sunday is Pollera day, Monday is costume day, Tuesday is the Queens day and on Wednesday is the “entierro de la sardina”(the sardine burial) before 5AM.

So, for those of you who wish to participate in the Madness…because it truly is pure mayhem, we are organizing a trip post wedding. We are staying in Pedasi, which is far enough from the crowds but close enough for those who wish to drive and get wild and Crazy. (if you did not get the facebook invite and would like to see if there is still room for you, please let us know) If you do decide to make it to Las Tablas or any of the surrounding carnival hotspots here is what you can expect:

Agua! Agua! Agua! Why are we screaming Water? Well, you see, unlike New Orleans, in Panama your going to get wet, no, better said…soaked. Panamanian Carnivals are all about “Water”, “Dancing on the Streets”, watching the “Carnival Reinas” march down in their vibrant embellished floats..oh yes, and we almost forgot, “Drinking” (but shhh!!! don’t let Grams know we told you that). It shares many similarities to Carnivals in other parts of the world, but different, in the “folklore” represented in their costumes, floats and music. Carnival is celebrated throughout the Istmus, but the largest celebration occurs in the interior of the country, in the Peninsula of Azuero (This is where were going folks).Let us take you down a stroll, down Carnival Madness in panama;

we have…Water, and Dancing on the Streets.


Las Reinas on their Floats.

Drink to much, Suffer later.


In the meantime the more laid back crew will be staying here =).

The Entrance awww, is this Panama or Italy?

 The Pool that most likely will not get used.

Isla Iguana our Monday 20th appointment with the Lizards and snorkeling.

And what better way to end this page than with a classic Panama Carnival song by Pedro Altamiranda – Las Tablas, enjoy.

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