How We Met

You’d think we would know exactly how or where we met, but here’s the truth: we don’t. We know, not a very romantic story to tell our future children. But, what can we say, it was during those tumultuous/blurry years referred to as “college”, and as many of you would probably agree, those days were a fun haze of  “I don’t remembers,” known only today by “I did that? No way”.  Nonetheless, we both agree that we met several times around the spring of ’04 and ’05, and we know Cupid did not strike us at the same time. Thankfully, he eventually got it right, and gave us the opportunity to narrate our awkward story.

How we Met 2004-2008

First pictures taken of us.

Alejandro studied Computer Information Systems at Missouri State; while across the street, Lannette pulled all-nighters at Drury’s Hammons School of Architecture. Alejandro was very involved in his university’s International Students Association, and Lannette was very involved in scavenging for her next free meal. So, as any starving college student might do, Lannette began participating in Friends Dinners, which strived to mingle international students with the rest of campus. It was at these dinners that Lannette and Alejandro first met.

Alejandro pursued Lannette first, but she was too busy designing gravity defying, make-believe buildings, and learning that poop goes down hill, to ever notice the charming boy. He called. She pushed him aside. She called him back, but he was too busy living La Vida Loca. It wasn’t until months later, at the 2004 International Banquet at Missouri State, that they saw each other again. Alejandro was performing a song in memory of a former student, when suddenly the lights went dim.

A tornado alarm echoed through the hall, and sent a rush of students running out of the auditorium in complete pandemonium. However, Alejandro kept playing his guitar, while Cupid struck again. Lannette suddenly realized that she liked the boy, the same moment that Alejandro noticed her again. It was the beginning of their crazy love story, and of feelings rapidly evolving. It took two house plants, appropriately called the love ferns, and one dead cat (R.I.P. Pimp Juice), for Lannette and Alejandro to come to the realization that yes, they were dating.

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Elisa March 15, 2011 at 11:21 pm

I remember how you guys met… well, I remember Lannette’s version


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