It’s Picture Time!

by lguerra on March 3, 2012

We’re  finally back in Kansas City, and while we gather ourselves and adjust to normality/ reality.  We’d like to start the picture collection before people forget.

For the following you will need a Flickr account, but trust me it will only take two seconds to create. If we all band together we can have one folder with everyones amazing pictures. I will also upload the professional pictures to this group once I receive them.

  1. How to upload a photo or video to this group:
    1. Upload the photos or video to your own Flickr photostream. Flickr gives you lots of ways to do this:
    2. Go to the Organizr, click on the “Your Groups” tab up the top, which will open to show you a list of all your groups. Just drag and drop the things you want to share on to the group!

Voila! You’re done.

The Flickr Group is called.


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