Bocas Del Toro

by lguerra on August 24, 2011

I’ve been researching Bocas del Toro etc etc….and thought, maybe a few of you are actually going to try and make it to Bocas, so if you do I found this excellent summary about transportation. In conclusion if money is not an issue then… fly, if on a backpack budget…take midnight buses from the Al-brook Bus terminal and arrive at your destination early morning (buses are not like they use to be, those things are freaking luxurious, way more comfortable then a car…and if you leave at midnight you can sleep on your way there, and not waste a day of traveling).

You can find a million webpages on Bocas Del Toro, but here is my executive summary. Bocas Del Toro Islands are a good place to relax, see some awesome sand beaches with good scuba diving, snorkeling, good nature walks filled with Howler Monkeys, Parrots, Lions Tigers and Bears..okay subtract the last 3, and good fresh seafood.

And not to mention that over recent years they have been popular with Foreign investors who want to take advantage of the unspoiled nature and make it a tourist hot spot…oh well what are you going to do, the place is gorgeous it was bound to happen. Brad Pitt and Angi, every survivor show, they all want a piece of Bocas.

So if you have some spare time in PTY, you should definitely try to hit up these Islands, they will most likely make you never want to leave.


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