Alex and I are ready to reserve Carnival Weekend Getaway!

by lguerra on August 18, 2011

We had a total of 20 people confirm. Now the moment of truth has arrived, Alex and I are ready to reserve the place for Carnival Weekend. What does that mean? It means that will be paying out of pocket to secure a spot, and we are paying the total amount because that was the only way to secure the 3 night deal (for ocean Lofts)….which means you have to be fully committed and in agreement with the stated price, and either pay us in person, or transfer the money via paypal (in paypal choose the option “send as gift” to avoid fee). Also I’d like to remind you of all the facts so that you are all perfectly clear on what to expect and if you don’t really want to do that or experience that part of the country you can opt out before we make the down payment. We also have two options for you and we thought we make a poll and let you guys decide where you’d like to stay =).

The facts:

-Pedasi = Off the Beaten Path adventure.

-Playa Blanca= your typical miami style beach lounging.

-We found 3 possible places where we can stay. The 3rd (Villa in Playa Blanca) will use as reference as it has yet to be confirmed with owner on availability and prices, this one is the option if you’d forgo carnival all together and just lounge by the beach and in a pool post wedding.

-If we stay in Pedasi on Monday the 20th we’d head out to Isla Iguana for snorkeling and the white sandy beach experience. The cost of that is no more then 10-15 per person.

-Please note that Pedasi is 4-5 hour car drive from Panama City, and on the way there you will pass Las Tablas (where the madness is at), you’d have to plan accordingly to schedule your drive there. The cool thing about driving cross country is you get to actually see the flora and fauna along the way.

-We have already taken the 20 people confirmed and divided  by room or loft just to make sure it would work out. Were Good.


Villa Romana
Ocean Lofts
Villa in Playa Blanca
1 3 1 3 1 3
Totals by nights
$1,540.00 $4,620.00 $1,666.65 $4,999.95 $1,320 $3,960
Totals by person
$77.00 $231.00 $83.33 $250.00 $66.00 $198.00
What we get for the Money?
 The entire Villa – 36 people max. 10 rooms, 8 rooms accomodate 4 people (1 queen, 1 double, 1 couch), 2 rooms accomodate 2 people per room.  5 lofts. One Loft per 2 couples + extra bed. (5 people max per loft). One Villa-sleeps 20 people max. 7 rooms
Pros Cons Pros Cons Pros Cons
A Villa to ourselves Hillside view of ocean Next to beach, walk there. Tan Beach White Sand Farther Walk to beach/Drive
Arrange Trips to Isla Iguana More Rustic, off the beaten path Two couples and one stragler share a cool space It’s a Loft….I hope you know what that means (the couple on the bottom floor can hear you (hint) Luxury Home No idea how the room situation is here
Couples get there own bedroom 4 hrs from City It’s own kitchen 4 hrs from city 1.5 hrs to Panama City 3 hrs away to Carnival Hotspots
Breakfast included They can help us as well get to Isla Iguana  no breakfast included Less expensive option as housing More expensive to eat around here
As more people confirm the place gets cheaper because it has more capacity you could drive to Carnival Hotspots no longer then 1 hr to Las Tablas.  Part of the 5 star Hotel Bristol Complex  No room for anyone else 20 is max
 We have confirmed these prices  We have confirmed these prices  They have yet to respond.


Please vote ASAP so we can get the ball rolling. Also votes are anonymous so we do not see who voted for what =).


Which one would you prefer?

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amalbet August 19, 2011 at 4:55 pm

Forgot to mention that for Villa Romana, which is the one that appears we will be booking, the cost was based on 20 people (the amount we have confirmed so far). So assuming people don’t drop out in bunches (unlikely) and more people sign up later down the road (likely), we will be sharing the costs evenly (will get cheaper if a few more sign up for it).


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